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Bitcoin for Fairness Meetup in Lusaka, Zambia

Bitcoin for Fairness (BFF) held its final Bitcoin Meetup in Zambia for 2022. The Bitcoin-only meetup took place on December 17, 2022, at Scallywags Restaurant (BTC accepted) in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.

Instead of the usual structured meetup, this time we had an informal, participant-driven discussions, a sort of Unconference. A range of topics were discussed, including how each of us came into bitcoin, hardware wallets, self-custody, seedphrase, etc. One of the participants, Emmanuel, showed us how Wasabi wallet works and what Coinjoin is and why it is important.

At the end of the meetup, BFF donated Trezor hardware wallets to participants.

bitcoin in zambia

This was BFF’s fifth Bitcoin Meetup in Zambia. The first Bitcoin-only meetup in Zambia took place in Lusaka in June 2020 at the University of Zambia. The second Bitcoin only meetup took place in July 2022 at the same venue. The third Bitcoin Meetup, which the BFF founder, Anita Posch, attended, took place on October 2nd, 2022 at Scallywags Restaurant & Cafe. The fourth neetup took place on November 19, 2022.

Founded by Anita Posch, bitcoin educator, author and podcaster, BFF is a non-profit initiative raising knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin for people in emerging countries and for disadvantaged people. The Bitcoin meetups are part of BFF’s public bitcoin education activities. Other bitcoin meetups organised by BFF have taken place in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

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