Bitcoin Flyer as Give-Away for Meetups etc.

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Download it, print it and give it away

This 2 page flyer is a Bitcoin explainer for beginners. We print it and give it away at our meetups and talks. The goal is to give interested individuals something that they can take with them and show to their friends and family. The flyer gives instructions to a specific wallet (Blue Wallet (Bitcoin non-custodial, Lightning custodial)), because we know that people get overwhelmed presented with many options. It has a very basic design to enable black and white print outs, which are the cheapest option.

English | Download English Bitcoin Flyer

Spanish/Español | Download Spanish Bitcoin Flyer

Dutch/Nederlands | Download Dutch Bitcoin Flyer

German/Deutsch | Download German Bitcoin Flyer

Portuguese (Brazilian)/Português (Brasileiro) | Download Portuguese (Brazilian) Bitcoin Flyer

Finnish/Suomalainen | Download Finnish Bitcoin Flyer

Italian/Italiano | Download Italian Bitcoin Flyer

French/Français | Download French Bitcoin Flyer

Catalan/Català | Download Catalan Bitcoin Flyer

Greek/Ελληνικά | Download Greek Bitcoin Flyer

Swahili/Kiswahili | Download Swahili Bitcoin Flyer

Luganda/Oluganda | Download Luganda Bitcoin Flyer


If you want to help and translate the flyer to your language please send a message via our contact form.

Open source and free

You can download and use the flyer for free.


Thanks to Jessica, Erica and Janine from C4 and all the translators for their contribution.