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Liquid BTC Workshop in Zambia with Blockstream Local

On June 22, 2024, we hosted a Liquid BTC workshop for the Bitcoin for Fairness community in Lusaka, Zambia, in collaboration with Blockstream’s Blockstream Local.

Bitcoin for Fairness is a non-profit initiative aimed at raising knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin among people in emerging countries and disadvantaged communities. Founded by Anita Posch, a passionate Bitcoin advocate, educator, podcaster, and author of (L)earn Bitcoin – Become Financially Sovereign, the organization has been holding regular meetups in Zambia since May 2022.

Other bitcoin meetups organised and sponsored by BFF have taken place in Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Blockstream Local is designed to empower communities with the tools and support necessary to carry forward the legacy of grassroots Bitcoin education. By joining Blockstream Local, your meetup can benefit from curated educational resources, early access to new Blockstream products, and the ability to create a revenue stream, all of which can significantly amplify the impact in your local community.

Thanks to Blockstream and to everyone who participated and made this event a success! Together, we are fostering a deeper understanding and wider adoption of Bitcoin in Zambia.

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