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2 Bitcoin Meetups in Lusaka in February 2024

Since the inaugural Bitcoin meetup in Zambia at the University of Zambia in May 2022, the Bitcoin for Fairness (BFF) initiative has been diligently working to raise awareness and understanding of Bitcoin among the people of Zambia. These meetups, organized by BFF, have become a cornerstone of public Bitcoin education in the country, particularly for those in emerging communities and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and community engagement, BFF transitioned from centralized meetups to neighborhood-based events since July 2023. This shift aimed to forge stronger connections within specific localities and expand the reach of Bitcoin education across different parts of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.

In February 2024, BFF hosted two Bitcoin meetups in Lusaka. The first meetup took place on February 19 in Chilanga, a township just outside Lusaka. Held at Gaiety Café, this gathering introduced participants to the fundamentals of Bitcoin, including the concept of self-custody Bitcoin wallets and the Lightning Network. By bringing Bitcoin education directly to local communities, BFF aims to demystify Bitcoin and make it more accessible to a wider audience.

On February 24, BFF convened its second meetup of the month at Scallywags Café and Restaurant, a central location in Lusaka where Bitcoin is accepted as a form of payment. The theme of this meetup was “Building a Bitcoin Circular Economy,” led by BFF member Humphrey. Humphrey’s recent attendance at the Adopting Bitcoin Conference 2024 in Cape Town, followed by visits to Bitcoin Ekasi and Bitcoin Witsand in South Africa, provided valuable insights into the establishment of Bitcoin circular economies. His experiences will be crucial in spearheading the Bitcoin Victoria Falls project, aimed at creating a Bitcoin-based circular economy in Livingstone, Zambia’s tourist capital.

BFF is committed to empowering communities through Bitcoin education and fostering financial inclusion. If you are interested in learning more about Bitcoin or getting involved in the growing Bitcoin community in Zambia, please reach out to us.

BFF is a non-profit initiative raising knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin for people in emerging countries and for disadvantaged people. The Lusaka Bitcoin meetups are part of BFF’s public bitcoin education activities in Zambia. The initiative was founded by Anita Posch, bitcoin educator, author and podcaster. Other bitcoin meetups organised by BFF have taken place in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

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