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The Challenges of Using Bitcoin in Zimbabwe

Alexandria a Bitcoin Maximalist from Bulawayo, the second biggest city in Zimbabwe.

In this video, Alexandria is talking to Anita Posch about the socio- political situation in his home country and how Bitcoin can be an instrument for a brighter future.

Alexandria is keen on learning and he wants to setup the first Bitcoin and Lightning full-node in Zimbabwe. He needs the funds for a Raspberry Pi and a computer, please send some bitcoin, directly into his wallet, at:

Anita Posch is the founder of Bitcoin for Fairness initiative, bitcoin educator, author of (L)Earn Bitcoin and (L)Earn Bitcoinbitcoin podcaster.

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Ndesanjo Macha is the coordinator of Bitcoin for Fairness in Africa. He's editor at FiFi Finance, a project of SEO Crew OÜ.
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