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Funding a School With Bitcoin in Zimbabwe

Recently, Miss Aurra, a visionary, entrepreneur and headmistress at St. Anne’s school, in Harare, Zimbabwe, spoke with Anita Posch.

Anita Posch is the founder of Bitcoin for Fairness initiative, bitcoin educator, author of (L)Earn Bitcoin and bitcoin podcaster.

Miss Aura has been using bitcoin since 2020 when she met Anita who installed a BTC wallet on her phone. The discussion in the video below is about how she was able to re-open the school with the help of bitcoin donations and about the successful opening of a second premise. The discussion also centers around the hardships of money inflation, what people think about Bitcoin and where much of the USD liquidity comes from.

The interview took place during Anita’s Bitcoin for Fairness tour in Zimbabwe and Zambia in March, 2022.

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