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Bitcoin for Fairness launches a free platform to podcast and earn bitcoin

BTC Podcasting is a new Bitcoin for Fairness podcasting initiative created on the Castopod platform with assistance from GetAlby. The initiative enables anyone to host a podcast without paying a monthly fee and simultaneously collect satoshis from listeners without having to manage their own Lightning node.

Bitcoin for Fairness founder, Anita Posch, presented the new project at the ongoing Africa Bitcoin Conference in Accra, Ghana.

Bitcoin for Fairness aims to enable Bitcoiners to host Bitcoin-only podcasts in their local languages to foster communities on the ground and spread Bitcoin self-custody education. Especially in areas where Internet access is expensive and slow, audio content is perfectly suited to reach a wide audience. The goal is to enable individuals, who can’t afford a monthly subscription fee of min. 10 USD per month, to host their Bitcoin podcast for free. At the same time the podcasters don’t need to run their own Lightning node to receive satoshis from their listeners, which is the case for most other hosting possibilities.

The platform allows podcasters to add chapters with images or links to episodes as it was done on this episode. You can upload a transcript, create soundbites and video clips from your audio. Moreover, you can optionally add a location to each episode, which results in a map showing all episodes and their respective locations / countries. Listeners using apps such as Fountain and Breez can send satoshis and subscribe to a podcast.

The Lightning Network makes it possible to send and receive bitcoin micropayments. Connecting podcasting and bitcoin enables new income streams for content creators and podcasters. Value4Value is a concept where content is free, but listeners are encouraged to send an amount of their choice to the creator so that the podcast can stay free from advertisements.

If you are a podcaster and would like to host on the BTC Podcasting platform, please apply here.

BFF is a non-profit initiative raising knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin for people in emerging countries and for disadvantaged people. It was founded by Anita Posch, a Bitcoin advocate, educator, podcaster, and the author of (L)earn Bitcoin – Become Financially Sovryn.

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