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My Bitcoin Journey in Zimbabwe

This year in March, I had the privilege of meeting one of the most amazing women in the bitcoin circles: Anita Posch. I met her through my friend, business partner and mentor Kuda.

Anita is the founder of Bitcoin for Fairness, a non profit initiative that spreads bitcoin education in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

Up to the time I met Anita, I had a little understanding of what bitcoin really was like most Zimbabweans. Most Zimbabweans think bitcoin is either an expensive crypto coin, only accessible to the rich and not the ordinary person in the street like me, or a scam. Little do they know they are missing out on an opportunity to be self-sovereign. I mean who can afford plus or minus $40,000 US dollars (the value of 1 bitcoin to a dollar at the time of writing), certainly not an ordinary person in the street or the woman selling her vegetables at the market. But guess what? After I had watched Anita’s video on The art of learning bitcoin and also attended her seminar in Harare, I learnt that an ordinary woman (or man) in the street can afford to buy part of a bitcoin. My perception on bitcoin has never been the same again.

The art of learning bitcoin, you wonder. Yes, there is an art to learning bitcoin, just like there is an art to learning how to paint or draw or write. So, I have embarked on my journey on the art of learning Bitcoin and soon I will be teaching others. I am currently reading (L)Earn Bitcoin, Become Financially Sovryn by Anita Posch. And what is more exciting is that I now have a bitcoin wallet.

What is Bitcoin?

What I have learnt so far is that bitcoin is digital money for the people by the people and not inaccessible to ordinary people as I thought it was. You can actually buy a part of one bitcoin. For example, you can actually buy bitcoin for a dollar. So, bitcoin actually has characteristics that makes it perfect for everyone. It is the one currency that levels the ground and ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to be financially independent. Why? Because no one really controls it, and once you have the keys to your coins then they are really yours.

Bitcoin is Many Things

It is hard currency, it is sovereignty, it is decentralization, it is virtual gold, it is software. Bitcoin is freedom. Freedom from the manipulation that comes with an intermediary — where you ask for permission or have to produce and ID in order to be verified before you can access your money, where access is restricted. Bitcoin is for everyone. It cuts across colour, gender or status. It is the one currency, as I said, that levels the ground for everyone since it gives an opportunity to the person in the street to make an investment that will secure their future and that of their children. Bitcoin is indeed money for the people by the people.

Bitcoin is Fairness

And this is quite close to my heart, and I am happy that it is also close to Anita`s heart, which is why she started the Bitcoin for Fairness initiative. Finally, we have the solution to the problems of inequality in our societies that have long beset us. Rich versus poor, female vs male. Inequality begins with the disparity in the distribution of wealth. Finally, everyone across the world, from Africa to Europe to America, has the freedom to create their own wealth and to manage and control it, and eventually making inequality a thing of the past. Therefore, bitcoin has brought to you an opportunity to create wealth for yourself and your family.

Bitcoin for Fairness is a non-profit initiative raising knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin for people in emerging countries and for disadvantaged people. We connect and boost the profile of local stakeholders, identify and work with educators on the ground to expand Bitcoin adoption locally and Bitcoin awareness globally.

Is My Money Safe in Bitcoin?

Yes, your money is safe with bitcoin. Blockchain technology ensures that your money is safe from being wiped out because of inflation or because Russia has invaded Ukraine. And as long as you hold the keys to your coins then no one can ever take you bitcoin away from you, in particular if you use the hard wallet.

Anita has opened my eyes through her Bitcoin for Fairness African tour, and I will be eternally grateful. Watch this space for more articles on my bitcoin journey in Zimbabwe. My journey has just begun and it going to be full of adventure.

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