Recap: Bitcoin for Fairness Meetup Accra, Ghana

On November 30th, we held a great, meaningful Bitcoin for Fairness Meetup in Accra, Ghana at the One Corner Garden restaurant. The social get-together was well attended by about 30 people, a mix of enthusiastic Bitcoiners from different parts of the world and local Ghanaians.

Of particular note, Peter McCormack, Erik Hersman and representatives from Fedi were present and engaged in our conversations. Their presence was much appreciated as they helped us gain different perspectives on the role and potential of Bitcoin.

A touching aspect of the event was the participation of Bitcoin DADA from Kenya. They brought four women who are currently participating in their education program, a reminder that our financial support of the project is having a real, positive impact.

Overall, the meeting was a nice gathering. It highlighted the growing interest in Bitcoin in Africa and emphasized the importance of community in this space. We are grateful for everyone who attended and shared their stories so that the evening was not just about Bitcoin, but also about networking and learning from each other.


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