Our Work

Plan of Action in 2022

In 2022 Anita Posch will travel to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Nigeria and Latin America to

Work with educators and activists on the ground
Anita will do this through talks, discussions and hands-on workshops on how to earn, save, spend and cash-out bitcoin to buy daily goods, basic financial education and Bitcoin understanding.

Talk: How to Earn, Build and Empower Yourself with Bitcoin
Talk covering the basics of cryptocurrency, how it can help foster innovation, let’s you save and earn money through fast, cheap payments across the World, protects you against inflation and enables new business opportunities. Showcasing wallets, possibilities to earn and tools to build on Bitcoin.

Building bridges
Connecting local entrepreneurs, human rights activists, developers with international Bitcoin actors to foster cooperation between emerging economies and the so-called developed world. Encouraging people to contribute to BFF as a global platform for grassroots Bitcoin adoption.

Starting local Bitcoin only meetups
Helping to setup Bitcoin meetups, preparing educational content, sponsoring the first events.

Media and content production
Creating awareness through content creation and media appearances. Bitcoin for Fairness will report from the ground through videos, podcasts, a newsletter and the BFF website.

Planned destinations

Zimbabwe and Zambia - March 2022

Bitcoin Ekasi and South Africa - May 2022

Zimbabwe and Zambia - September 2022

Brazil - October 2022

Argentina - November 2022

Ghana and Nigeria - December 2022

Our progress

March 2022
Public talk at the University of Zambia
Lightning Network Workshop
Media appearances in Zambia
Speaking in Harare the capital of Zimbabwe
Hardware Wallet workshop
Giving away Trezor devices in Zimbabwe

April 2022
Raised funds for computers for school in Zimbabwe

May 2022
Bitcoin-only meetup in Lusaka, Zambia
Initiated solar-powered Bitcoin mining in Zimbabwe
Brought RaspiBlitz to Bitcoin Ekasi, South Africa
Trezor devices to South Africa
Workshop with Bitcoin guide Luthando in Bitcoin Ekasi
Trezors in South Africa and shop owners Bitcoin Ekasi
Bitcoin Academy at Oslo Freedom Forum

June 2022
Bitcoin-only meetup in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Bitcoin and Lightning node starts running in Bitcoin Ekasi, South Africa

July 2022
Bitcoin-only meetup in Gweru, Zimbabwe
Second Bitcoin-only meetup in Lusaka, Zambia

(L)earn Bitcoin talk at the University of Zambia